Don’t Take So Long to Backup Your iPhone!

Anyone who’s ever tried to backup their iPhone to their computer knows that it can take a very, very long time. And if you have several pages of apps on your iPhone, it can take as long as an entire night! Yes, some people have connected their iPhone to their computer, thinking that it would be ready for them to use in the morning, only to find that the iPhone backup isn’t near complete in the morning! So, do you have to sit through this arduous task, or is there a faster way to backup your iPhone?

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Of course there’s a faster way to backup your iphone! And in fact, there are a couple of ways that you can do it and no more iphone backup takes forever. The best way to do it begins when you first connect your iPhone to your computer. Once you’ve done this, your iPhone will start syncing and, it will also start automatically backing it up to your computer. You can stop the backup though by simply clicking on the “x” that appears in the main window of iTunes. This will stop the backup but it will still sync your iPhone, so you don’t have to worry about losing all those valuable apps, podcasts, and music that you’ve taken the time to install.

But, while this will certainly have you using your iPhone again in no time flat, it will not backup your iPhone, which can be disaster if anything ever happens to it. So, how can you still backup your iPhone but make the process fly by? The solution is in a warning box that most people simply check the first time they sync their phone, and they never go back to it again. This is the box where it asks if you want to send crash reports to Apple. And it’s this sending of reports to Apple that takes so long.

First, go into iTunes with your iPhone plugged into your computer. Find the Summary tab and under that tab, uncheck “Automatically sync when this iPhone is connected.” Then, unplug your iPhone and plug it back into your computer. Once it’s plugged back in, find the “reset warnings” button at the bottom of iTunes. Click “Sync” and a warning will pop up saying that Apple would like to receive your crash reports. Uncheck this box and, if checked, also uncheck the “Don’t show this warning again” so that you will have this option every time you connect your iPhone to your computer.

You no longer have to sit and wait and wait and wait for your iPhone to back up. Simply reset your warnings, and you’ll never have to sit through the tedious process ever again!

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  1. Using the most recent version of ITunes for Windows, I was able to follow the instructions and get the box to pop up (only once) and was able to unclick “don’t send crash reports” and also the “don’t show this message everytime” preferences.

    It does appear that the backing up is going faster but I’ve also decided to do the backup process and THEN go back to download the new update for iPhone afterwards.. The ONLY reason why I’m continuing to sync right before bed anyways… But it has made more progress in the last 30 mins than it has..oh..say all day 🙂 so thanks!

    PS – unless you actually have crash reports, after the initial steps listed above, the box won’t show up that gives you the option of changing the above prefereces until you actually have another crash report to send ~

  2. You people are kind of dim.
    Obviously, if you know anything at all, from the way he describes the buttons and such, he is using a different version of itunes, an older one.
    Also, If you’ve had your ipod for very long, you’ll remember the auto-sync checkbox under the summary tab.
    I haven’t found if this works, but I’m sure it did when it was published.
    Don’t be rude.
    He put time into this for you so thank him or blame apple for this, not him.

  3. Yes your instructions are a bit vague as Michelle said but i reset warnings and resynced my iTouch and nothing happened it just started backup as normal

  4. Not sure what ITUNES you are using but it definitely doesn’t say Automatically sync when this iPhone is connected under the summary tab.
    2nd: There is NO reset warnings button at the bottom of iTunes. I had to hunt around for it and finally found it under Preferences under the EDIT tab.
    3rd: I did all this and guess what??? IT DIDN’T WORK LIKE YOU SAID IT WOULD. Apparently this is some sort of scam perhaps? How did it work for Claude and no one else, unless of course you’re friends with Claude..
    What a waste of time…

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