Apple Mac App Store Hits 1 Million Downloads

One of the things that we have all heard of is the Apple App Store which has been available for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices for quite a while now. Just a few days ago, Apple released their latest idea which is the app store for the Mac. This new app store was launched just a few days ago and it allows users of the Apple Mac computers to download applications on to their computer in the same way that iPhone and iPad users have been able to do. Apple has said that despite only just being launched, there has actually been over 1 million downloads already in the Mac App Store.

Apple has said that they are amazed at the incredible response they have received from consumers in regards to the response that the Mac App Store has been getting. The company actually launched the Mac App Store on Thursday of last week and already, they have seen over a million downloads from the store. As with the app store that it available for the iPhone and iPad devices, some of the apps in the Mac App Store are available for free whilst others are available at a small charge.

The Mac App Store is available as a free download to any Mac OSX Snow Leopard users and it can be downloaded via the Apple update program or the Apple website.

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