Android App Store to Overtake Apple

Apple is well known for their app store invention that has revolutionised the way that we get content on our phones. The app store that Apple released a few years ago is now the largest applications store on the planet and despite many other companies such as Google and Nokia having a go at their own app stores, up until now, none have even come close to being as big as the Apple app store. However, it is now thought that one app store; the Android app store, could actually overtake Apple’s app store and in just a few months as well.

The Android app store is still behind in terms of the volume of apps and the Apple app store actually has around 100,000 more apps than the Android store. However, it is thought that as the Android store is actually growing at a faster rate than the Apple store, it could only be a matter of a few months before they actually overtake Apple.

Currently, the Android App store has around 250,000 apps whereas the Apple app store has around 350,000. Despite this, Apple’s app store is growing at a good rate but the Android app store has seen huge growth over the past couple of years. In 2009, there were only 5,000 android apps out there and this is now at the 250,000 mark. We think Apple should be worried.

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