iPhone – Apple gadget is made in Jagekotaichina


From each plastic screw or small part to the processor or memory, the iPhone is a puzzle made ​​in most people, but less in the U.S.. How much text is in pieces and many countries are involved in producing the famous smartphone.

Flash memory costs $ 24 and the screen – 35. Both are produced in Japan. Processor and its associated components are Korean and manufacturing performance could however, costs only 23 dollars. GPS chip, camera and WiFi connections that provide parts and products are nemtesti $ 30. From a Japanese study that we learn and Bluetooth, audio components and the 3G connections are only made ​​in the U.S. and parts worth 12 dollars. In addition, outside of these components, there are expenses or housing inside plastic, aluminum, software licenses and patents, all cost 48 dollars and come from Taiwan, Vietnam and many other states.

In total, the value of an iPhone is somewhere around 179 dollars and include 34% of Japanese products, 17% German, 13% Korean, American products and the remaining 6%, a combination of “magic” international origin parts!

How the iPhone Bury America  in debts ?

Only in 2009 was responsible for a iPhone for $ 1.9 billion hole in the U.S. budget. Two academics have successfully demonstrated how a gadget to put cross finances of a nation: a product is “American” hard money imported from America. The problem is not new and they stay the outsourcing of production. That same “disease” suffered by any of today’s technological success. Every device, whether laptop or mp3 player, TV or air conditioner is a conglomerate assembled in a country where manpower is cheap and only designed in developed countries.

In a thesis univesitara two untie Japanese puzzle game that pulls in the U.S. economy every year, since 2007. Neal Detert Yuquig Xing and write in the document entitled “How to increase iPhone led the U.S. trade deficit from Asian countries” about the fact that only in 2009 the famous Apple product, an important call for 179 dollars U.S., was responsible for 0.8% of the U.S. trade imbalance in relations with China.

So the main companies supplying components for the iPhone are Toshiba, Samsung, Infineon, Broadcom, Numunyx, Murata, Dialog Semiconductor, Cirrius Logic, etc.  All these are then sent by ship to Taiwan, the company Foxconn, where final assembly takes place. From here go to U.S. products and to the world.

Behind this apparent chaos, the effect of global production is beneficial for a company like Apple. That’s because all the companies involved in the process signed documents prevents them from directly competing product “American”.

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