Amazon Mobile for the iPhone

Well Apple may have had their feathers ruffled over the whole “Amazon opening their own App Store” deal, but they’re still allowing the Amazon Mobile app in their own, original, App Store – and thank heavens for it! Because this app will let you browse, shop, and compare prices on Amazon just like you always would, but it also brings that little bit more too.

There are many things you can do through this app and they all let you use the app just as you would if you were sitting in front of your home computer buying from the site. But, what’s the little extra this app promises? It also has a cool feature that you won’t be able to use sitting in front of your computer at home – and that’s the “Amazon Remembers” feature. Using this you can take a picture of anything you might want to one day own whenever you’re out and Amazon Remembers will remember it for you. But it will go beyond that too. It will even save the photo both on Amazon Mobile and the website, and the feature will even scour the Web for you trying to find a product similar to the one you want. When it finds it, the app will email you an alert, telling you where the item was found, and it will even send you a picture of it.

If you’re a regular Amazon shopper, you need to download the Amazon Mobile app for your iPhone. And because Amazon Mobile knows that you need to keep all those pennies for your shopping, the app is offered free. Download it from iTunes here.

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