Apple $10k Prize Winner Hangs Up

Apple have been running a promotion for the last few weeks in the United Kingdom which has seen the app store downloads reach almost 10 billion. Apple has said that they are going to award the person that downloads the 10 billionth application with an iTunes gift card for the value of $10k. Now, the person that actually downloaded the 10 billionth app is said to have hung up when Apple called them to inform them of the news as they believed the call to be a prank call.

The winner of the iTunes gift card for the 10 billionth application was actually from Kent in the United Kingdom and upon downloading the 10 billionth applcation from the app store, the winner was called by a person working for Apple. Gail Davis, the winner of the gift card, explained that she quickly hung up the phone simply saying that she wasn’t interested as she thought that the call was a prank call. She later found out that the call could have been genuine after her daughter informed her how she downloaded the app from the app store.

The woman then frantically tried to call the company back but after no success, the day was actually saved when Eddy Cue from Apple actually called her later on in the day. Gail and her daughter will now receive the $10k iTunes gift card from Apple which will allow them to download many more apps.

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