Will Your Data Be Secured On New Apple iCloud?

Will Your Data Be Secured On New Apple iCloud?

Apple’s iCloud proposition has made the international consumers dumbstruck once again. The value proposition of iCloud looks promising and supreme at the same time. As of now no other gadget equipment manufacturer or service provider has enabled their cloud platform in a manner so as to provide better and free platform for the end users. Apple iCloud promises to sync up data wirelessly in all iOS devices held by the users apart from offering free cloud space of up to 5 GB per cloud account. This whooping disk space can house-in additional data and apps for the end users on the go. However, amidst the reliable and cutting edge features, lies some of the security concerns that might bother the end users pertaining to data security over the cloud.

Over the years, cloud computing has come under the apprehensions on securing the data and its ownership. Some of the prime questions such as who owns the data on the cloud or how secure is it to store data on cloud, are unanswered at this point in time. The customers would be simply accessing the apple icloud service for free of cost from their iOS enabled devices on the go.

Apple iphone iCloud would be accessible through single sign on and iCloud ID. The main constraint will arise if the device stores the login information locally it might be accessed by other users in the same family or by friends. So ideally it should not store the information locally and prompt end users to enter login credentials each time they access the iCloud iphone solution from their iOS enabled device on the go.

Concurrency management should be implemented in iCloud services so that an end user who is accessing the same data from different devices, conflict or deadlock conditions should not occur. The system should implement the concept of locking services over the platform in a streamlined manner without any constraints at all.

It would be interesting to note the security measures, Apple implements on its devices on the go. Going by the high standards of Apple, the iCloud services are anticipated to be highly secure. Only time will let us all know about the actual implementation structure of the services. The cloud based services are the order of the day and other vendors are expected to rage-in the battle for winning more market share through cutting edge solutions on the go. Therefore, won’t be surprised if Apple’s copy cat, Samsung adopts the same approach.

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