Apple in Deal with Twitter

Apple and Twitter are said to be in discussion about a deal that will allow the iTunes Ping service to communicate with users on the social networking website. ITunes launched Ping as part of their iTunes update a few weeks ago and the idea was to allow users to share music in Apple’s own social networking system that would be accessed through iTunes. Now, Apple are said to be making a deal with the social networking website; twitter so that users will be able to share songs and music in the iTunes store through the website.

There is no doubt that social networking has become extremely big over the past few years and Twitter has remained one of the most widely used social networks out there. With this new deal between Apple and Twitter, users of the Ping service from iTunes will actually be able to share samples of songs that they like on iTunes using the social networking website. Users will be able to connect their Ping and Twitter accounts so they can easily share music on the social networking website.

Ping hasn’t quite experienced the success that Apple had hoped for so far and many users have criticised the iTunes Ping service for having a limited amount of functionality. Apple are also said to be in talks with Facebook about a deal with the Ping service and it is hoped that the deal with Twitter will allow more functionality for the iTunes Ping service and will attract more users.

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