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iPhone 4G release date

Even though a lot of people have said that Apple were going to the be releasing a follow up for the 3GS iPhone in the month of June 2010 this belief has now changed. Some people are now saying that because an Apple analyst predicted the Nexus One to be released in May, Apple has now picked up pace on the development process & is planning to release the iPhone 4G at more or less the same time as this.

This rumour is the latest on the predicted release dates for for the new iPhone 4G. This is after the continued speculation on the technical enhancements that this new phone will have and the various software functions which the new version of this smartphone is going to have.

The source of this latest iPhone 4G rumour can be traced all the way to a French website based on technology that is known as “Gaj.it”. On this site, it says that Apple had gotten hints that the new Google Nexus One was going to be ready for sale in the middle of 2010 and because of this Apple has planned to launch the 4G iPhone at around this time as well.

There has been to a lot of scepticism about this rumour of iPhone 4G and not many people have believed it. The idea that Apple mis judged the release date of a rival as strong as Google is quite frankly something that is very hard to believe. And there are a lot of people who would think likewise.

But, irrespective of whether this rumour is accurate or it is not, you can surely add it to the huge list of 4G Apple iPhone rumours that are being generated and the people’s wishful thinking. What is for sure though is that this smartphone is being developed as we speak and will be released sooner or later.

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