How to Sell Your iPhone 4 and Get an iPhone 5

Apple is expected to release the iphone 5 generation of their popular iPhone device within the next months or so and this will leave many people that already own the previous versions of the phone looking to upgrade. The good news is that doing this isn’t that hard as you are simply able to get rid of your old phone and get the new iPhone 5 in a number of different ways.
selling used iphone 4

There will be a lot of people out there with the iPhone 4 device that will be on a contract with a certain network, whether it is in the UK or in the US. If this is the case, then upgrading will probably be easier than ever as many networks allow you to simply upgrade your plan or pay a one off fee to get your hands on the latest device on the market. Of course, this will cost you a little, but if the iPhone 5 turns out to be great, then it will probably be worth the small charge.

If you have a pay as you go phone, then you will need to sell your iPhone 4 and use the money to upgrade. There are many places to sell
your phone easily including EBay and Craigslist. Both of these allow you to sell your phone in a matter of hours usually and without the hassle of meeting buyers.

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