Apple Deny Playboy App in App Store

There has been a rumour going around over the last few days that Apple was actually going to let the Playboy app in their app store. This rumour emerged after the owner of Playboy; Hugh Heffner himself, actually mentioned it on his Twitter page saying that his Playboy app would be in the app store in around a month’s time. Since this has been said, it has actually emerged that Apple has not allowed the app into the app store as they are sticking to their policy of no nudity in the app store.

 The applcation that was going to be in the app store has been released by Playboy in order to allow users to access their entire back catalogue. Whilst there is a censored version that is apparently ok with Apple, the uncensored version has not been allowed into the app store. Apple has always had a no nudity or porn policy for the app store and it seems that they are not making any exceptions. Many believe that Apple was never going to allow the app into the app store and that it was simply Hugh Heffner that got it wrong.

Playboy is currently releasing their magazines in digital format in order to appeal to a larger audience; however, Steve Jobs has said that folks who want to look at porn should buy an Android phone.

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