Apple iPhone 5 Could Arrive Late due to Overheating

The next generation of the Apple iPhone is expected to be released by Apple shortly and there have been rumours that it will even be released as soon as this September. However, there are now a lot of speculations that the iPhone could be delayed after there were problems with the processor overheating.

The iPhone 5 is rumoured to feature the A5 chip that has been developed and there is word that the chip is causing overheating problems in the phone. This rumour was originally posted on the website earlier this week and according to the report that was posted, Apple are finding it difficult to keep the chip cool when they are using it as they desired. This is thought to be due to the small chassis of the iPhone that doesn’t really have any room for cooling.

If Apple are planning to use the A5 chip that is also used in the iPad device, this will provide a lot more power to the iPhone and will cause overheating if not done correctly. The current iPhone 4 device has the Apple A4 chip in it which is almost half of the power of the A5. As well as this, the A5 chip is a lot bigger in size than the A4 chip meaning that there will have to be advancements in other areas of the phone if Apple are to keep it thin and small.

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