Free Solution to Fix Push Notification Problem on Jailbroken iPhone

If you’re waiting for a free solution to rectify the push notification issue, here is the good technology news. An iPhone developer has released a free cydia app called Push Doctor that offers the same fix as PushFix 2.0.

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How to Use Push Doctor

Before installing the Push Doctor, if you have applied PushFix 1.0 on your iPhone, please uninstall it first. Otherwise, you can move on and follow the steps to install Push Doctor.

1. Launch cydia and tap “Manage”, followed by “Sources”

2. Tap “Edit” and then “add” button to add a new repository source (

3. Tap “Add Source” and you should find a new repository known as “NERV Repository” added to cydia. Tap “Done” and continue.

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4. Search for “Push Doctor” to locate the package

5. Tap on the package and then install it.

6. After installation, restart your iPhone and it should fix the Push Notification problem! Now, you can install any app with Push Notification support (say, BeejiveIM or iPusher) to test out the fix.

Why Push Doctor doesn’t work?
First, let us recap how Push Doctor or PushFix 2.0 fixes the push notification problem. As mentioned in my earlier post about PushFix 2.0,

To truly resolve the issue and make Push Notification work on your jailbroken iPhone, the developer from has rolled out the PushFix 2.0 that officially fixes the push notification issue on hacktivated iPhone by providing each iPhone device with an unique certificate.

The highlight is every iPhone needs an unique certificate to make push notification work. As Push Doctor is a free service, the number of unique certificate is very limited. So, if you have installed the fix and found push notification still doesn’t work on your iPhone, it is very likely Push Doctor runs out of unique certificates.

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For those who are not lucky enough to get the certificate, the only solution is to retry again and again. Here is what the developer @anethema said,

The demand is very high apparently, and @anethema is now generating 1 unique cert per minute to put on the server. Try every few hours, eventually it will work. Any errors just means the same that it cannot find a unique cert. Just “reinstall” the package later or the next day.

Anyhow, the fix is free. You can’t complain if there is no unique certificate available. But if you’re frustrated after several trials, an alternative solution to purchase PushFix 2.0 to fix push notification problem.

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As always, remember to leave us comment and let us know if the app works for you.