Setting up Shaw Email on the iPhone

If you live in Canada, and have tried to set up Shaw email on your iPhone, then you know just how frustrating it can be. Why doesn’t it work? And can the glitch be fixed? Like most everything else on the iPhone, yes it can! And we found out just how you can do it! The glitch comes when people try to use Shaw as the outgoing mail server. Even Shaw recommends not using their server on your iPhone, because of all the trouble it can cause. Instead, using Rogers as your outgoing mail service should get the problem all wrapped up for ya. Here are complete instructions on how to do it!

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First, go into the “Mail” icon on your iPhone and choose to set up a new account. Please note that here you’ll want to choose a POP account, not an IMAP account. Next, you’ll have to enter your name, which is your username with Shaw. Then you’ll need to enter in your email address. Next you can add a description if you’d like. This will appear when you open your mail accounts. For instance, you could enter “Mike’s Shaw email.”

The next thing you’ll need to do is enter the “Incoming Mail Server.” On Shaw, this is “” as the incoming server. Then you’ll need to enter your Shaw username again, along with your password. This password is the one that you already use to check your Shaw email.

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Lastly, you’ll want to enter your Outgoing Mail Server information. This is VERY important and is where most of the glitches take place. For that server you’ll want to enter, “” Then you’ll be asked to enter both your username and your password. These are actually optional though and your email will most likely work better if you don’t enter anything in here at all. It will also ask you here if you want to use “SSL” and you should switch it to “Off.” For the authentication, leave it as the default password, and for the “Server Port” choose 25.

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Changing your settings to Rogers settings rather than Shaw settings should fix the problem for you. Then you’ll be able to check your Shaw email wherever you are!