Apple iPod Touch 3.0 Released

Update: New apple ipod touch rumor has been spreaded out in the net and blogosphere, they all waiting for ipod touch 5th generation release date.

Apple released iPod Touch 3.0 firmware and has made a lot of iPod fanatics very happy. There are some great features and small bugs that have been fixed by the upgrade. On overview, you can use the Spotlight applications, there are some Apple apps that are updated and improved, the push features are fixed and copy/ paste/ and cut commands are now integrated in the iPod Touch.

There are updates made on the SDK which would hopefully make more games and applications enjoyable and much more powerful. iPod users can download the iPod Touch 3.0 firmware right at the official site of Apple. Upon downloading, you can go ahead and test drive your gadget to see the great improvements it now has.

For those who have Spotlight as their app launcher, you can now experience better functionality with the iPod Touch 3.0 update. Spotlight is no longer in Beta. You can access the information that you need on your main home screen with this application. These include menu features like contacts, mail, calendars and iPod.

The search features of the iPod Touch is also something to be ecstatic about. The update added some search features in most of the applications including Music, Mail and Videos. Of course, you can still use the search features to browse through your contacts.

One thing to thank Apple for is the new copy/ paste/ cut command featured on the iPod Touch 3.0 firmware. Double tap on a word and you would see a menu with choices of Cut, Paste and Copy. You can select more text by tapping on two end points to widen your selection. This feature can also be used in Safari.

To get your own iPod Touch 3.0 update, head on to the Apple website right away!

Latest iPhone Software Update: iPhone OS 3.0.1 Software Update

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  1. hi all
    i have a problem when i upgraded my ipod touch to 3 but i can`t find the applications and games that i installed on the i pod before update!!!
    how can i find them !!!!!!!! plzzz 🙂

  2. same question again, will new ipod buyers after the updates will get it done free,

    & aside to all those users who have already downloaded this new 3.0 v , what about the bluetooth application? is it good?
    please do reply……..

  3. Does the upgrade erase all your music? I know the 2.0 upgrade did…any help would be appreciated.

  4. I have the same question as Nishi. I got a new Ipod after the update, but it didn’t come with the update. I think that is ridiculous.

  5. Just received a brand new iPod Touch which came with firmware version 2.2.1 and the “privilege” of updating to firmware 3.0 for $9.99 which is free for iPhone owners. I phoned Apple about it and got a deaf ear reception to receiving a no-cost update. What a penny-ante ripoff. I am thinking about paying then taking Apple to small claims court to which will cost Apple a lot more to defend itself against than the $9.99 they got even if I lose and small claims courts don’t award costs either.

  6. heyy if u buy a new ipod touch now, will it come with the 3.0 software or will we need to buy the 2g ipod touch and go on itunes and pay the extra $10 and get the update?

  7. Just installed v. 3 on my Touch – some nice features but not a single purchased app will work with it.
    All standard apple funtcions are fine so only 3rd party apps affected. Any others with same experience and any solutions?

  8. the new update is sweet, with all new cool little features but i think for the next update you should be able to turn/flip the home page, so you can use it both vertically and horizontally! just a thought

  9. My Touch (now with 3.0) is also sluggish compared to 2.2.1. In addition, the WiFi seems to work intermittently – as in some games allow you to post a high score to their server, but reports that the WiFi connection does not exist. I immediately exit the game and go to the settings app and all is fine.

    I now notice that my WifiTrak app always starts with the error, “Could not properly initialize the WiFi scanner” whatever that means. I just know that the app is now completely useless. In addition, email sending is now problematic. It frequently tells me that my mail could not be sent. Eventually, though, it does send the mail, but could take several minutes. F R U S T R A T I N G !!!

    I think 3.1 should not be too far off – I hope!

  10. Well this is a new on on me. Bought a new iPod on Sunday had 2.0 loaded. Because 3.0 was released on Friday, I get privilege of paying extra 9.99 for the current software 3.0 on a device I just bought.

    The kicker – Apple has informed me that with 3.0 released, I can’t down load 2.2.1 either.

    Boy would this make a great Apple/PC commercial – Sounds like something the “other company” would pull – thought Apple was better than that

  11. just updated my itouch 1st generation with 3.0 I want to restore back.

    eMail not working, keeps flipping back to main screen
    Slingplayer not working
    games are very slow

    what crap.

  12. i got the 3.0 software at about 3:45pm, and have noticed it to be sluggish. I don’t know if its about how many apps i have on the iPod (6 pages).

  13. Yep same here, downloading via Itunes now…

    Can’t wait to see what the ‘awakened’ Bluetooth will do and offer ….

  14. Yes, IPhone 3.0 Update just started, everyone please check it out your iPhone, and start update it now. Just few tips to update:

    1. Launch iTunes.
    2. Plug-in your iPhone to your PC/Mac. (Be sure to unlock the passcode)
    3. Under ‘Devices’ in iTunes, click on your iPhone.
    4. Under the ‘Summary’ tab and under the Version section, click on the ‘Check for Update’ button.
    5. iTunes will attempt to download the latest version 3.0 from the Apple server. Just wait.

  15. apple has not set a specific time for the release because they dont want millions of people all downloading at the same time. it kinda makes sense. that would probably cause a server crash…

  16. In the HOT news section no news about the update

    hehe and the forums are DOWN ( this moment ) see

    I guess Apple underestimated the impact of this update…at this time it’s 10:54 in the Western part of the US…still my Itunes is reporting 2.2.1. as being the newest version.

    As a first time Apple user, im very disapointed in their commitment, 17 June update means exactly that and not keep the whole world waiting until ‘they’ push the button whenever ‘they’ like !

    And then people complain about Microsoft…..and they are doing their updates FREE !!!!

    Come ‘big’ Apple , awaken and give us our download…we are PAYING for it !


  17. Alternately, you can imagine what it might feel like when it’s getting toward the end of your days and you look back wondering where all the time in your life went and wishing it was possible to get back that wasted on eagerly checking for the update for an electronic gizmo to be posted. Hey i’m not saying I’m any better, just talking.

  18. Yes, i have been awake ALL night waiting for this update. the site says it is available june 17th….and that was like 12 hours ago. WAKE UP!!!!!

  19. Today 17th of June….

    Seems APPLE is not AWAKE yet…tried for hours doing my Itouch 3.0 update…..nope !

    Itunes keeps reporting i have the latest version 2.2.1…..

    Wake up guys !!


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