Apple iPod Touch 3.0 Released

Update: New apple ipod touch rumor has been spreaded out in the net and blogosphere, they all waiting for ipod touch 5th generation release date.

Apple released iPod Touch 3.0 firmware and has made a lot of iPod fanatics very happy. There are some great features and small bugs that have been fixed by the upgrade. On overview, you can use the Spotlight applications, there are some Apple apps that are updated and improved, the push features are fixed and copy/ paste/ and cut commands are now integrated in the iPod Touch.

There are updates made on the SDK which would hopefully make more games and applications enjoyable and much more powerful. iPod users can download the iPod Touch 3.0 firmware right at the official site of Apple. Upon downloading, you can go ahead and test drive your gadget to see the great improvements it now has.

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For those who have Spotlight as their app launcher, you can now experience better functionality with the iPod Touch 3.0 update. Spotlight is no longer in Beta. You can access the information that you need on your main home screen with this application. These include menu features like contacts, mail, calendars and iPod.

The search features of the iPod Touch is also something to be ecstatic about. The update added some search features in most of the applications including Music, Mail and Videos. Of course, you can still use the search features to browse through your contacts.

One thing to thank Apple for is the new copy/ paste/ cut command featured on the iPod Touch 3.0 firmware. Double tap on a word and you would see a menu with choices of Cut, Paste and Copy. You can select more text by tapping on two end points to widen your selection. This feature can also be used in Safari.

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To get your own iPod Touch 3.0 update, head on to the Apple website right away!

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