5 Common Causes of Why Does My iPad Freeze

When using any type of electronic device with a display, one of the most stressful situation is when it crashes or freezes. While sometimes this is only temporary, it often requires us to reboot the device, which takes valuable time and tries our patience. If you own an Apple iPad then it’s likely that you’ve wondered at least once why does my ipad freeze. While you’re likely unhappy about such a situation, at least you’re asking the right question. Here are some of the most common reasons for this happening:

  1. Apps

Although it’s rare for apps to cause your iPad to turn off completely, they’re often the cause of the gadget freezing up. If one particular app is causing your iPad to have problems freezing up, then you can force it to close by doing a double-click on the Home button. Next, swipe up on the preview window of that app, in order to cause it to stop functioning.

  1. Freezing temperatures

This is yet another cause of your iPad freezing. It’s always advisable not to operate your iPad in extremely hot or cold environments. If you do, you risk the operation of the gadget being affected, which could cause it to freeze.

  1. Battery problems

This can be another explanation for why does my ipad freeze. At best, your battery power could simply be low. But there’s also a chance that the problem could be more serious, such as the battery being damaged. Use the process of elimination. Try plugging your iPad into a wall outlet, or into your PC or laptop via its USB cable. If your iPad still keeps freezing after you’ve juiced it up then it’s time to take it to an authorized Apple repair shop.

  1. iOS 7 bugs

This has been one of the main complaints about iOS 7 updates. Luckily, sometimes the iPad just freezes for a short time. Other times the OS shuts down completely or restarts. Hopefully the patches from Apple will help to solve these problems within time. In the meantime, keep updating your iPad until why does my ipad freeze won’t be an issue.

  1. No spare storage space

Apps can add up quickly on your iPad, and they can also use up a ton of storage space. It’s important to keep track of how much empty storage space you have on your iPad. If you’re not, then you might not realize that your gadget’s storage is nearly full. When it’s full or nearly full, this can cause the operation of the iPad to slow down, thus causing it to freeze from time to time.

If your iPad is freezing there’s no one reason that answers the question. Unfortunately, you might be unable to prevent the need to know why does my ipad freeze. However, by following the above-mentioned tips, you can minimize how often it happens. Just as importantly as knowing why your iPad freezes, is knowing what to do. The first steps are to reset or restart it. These options will help to get the gadget running.

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