Apple Faces Even More Problems with the iPhone

Everyone knows about the trouble Apple has been having lately with their new phone, the iPhone 4. But it seems the company may be facing new problems with their older phones now as well. This newest issue comes for users of the iPhone 3G, and it’s a problem with upgrading to the new iOS 4, of course the new operating software of the older phones. Complaints are rampant from users that after upgrading their operating systems, they experience many problems with their phone.

The problems range from having a much shorter battery life to having the screen lock, without the ability to unlock it. Other problems such as freezing, and an extremely slow phone, are just a few of the other complaints that have been flooding Apple’s support forum boards. And these problems aren’t just minor irritations that iPhone users must now contend with. The problems get so bad that in many cases, users can’t even use their iPhone any longer. So what does Apple say to do about these problems? 

Absolutely nothing. Although Apple has said that they’re “looking into the problem,” there is no real fix at the moment. Users can restore their phone to factory settings. But that would mean losing all of the information that they’ve saved on their phone, and it also means a downgrade to the operating system they were using before, with no problems at all. So is this an adequate response from Apple? Or should the company be taking more aggressive measures to make their customers happy with their old phone and their new operating system?

Well, the answer would probably be easier if Apple hadn’t just had all those problems with the iPhone 4 antenna. And the fact that all we’re getting is a vague statement that they’re “looking into it” doesn’t really boost confidence either. But really, it may just be a case of asking two-year-old technology to perform modern functions that it just can’t handle. Hopefully Apple comes up with a solution very quickly, as right now there are a bunch of angry iPhone 3G users that are feeling wronged by their useless phone.

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