How to Reduce iOS 5 Battery Drain

How to Reduce iOS 5 Battery Drain

Many users in Apple Support Communities are expressing frustrations with rapid battery drainage in their iPhones after upgrading to iOS 5.

Various postings, in several different threads, lament fully charged batteries going dead overnight while idle and other similar scenarios.

Reasons for the peculiar iOS 5 Battery Drain situation are most likely tied to the 200 new features touted by Apple in the new iphone operating system – with iCloud, in particular, being a pretty significant energy suck. When the system powers up there are likely to be a number of applications running in the background – some of which you may never use anyway – that need to be shut down unless you want them.

Any application that pushes data from one device to another is going to draw significantly from power stores. It would be a good idea to go through them and eliminate ones that are not of use. In mail settings it may also be a good idea to go to iCloud – which is probably configured by default to push – and disable the push function and set to fetch on all accounts.

Another power saving suggestion is to go to location services and open system services at the bottom of the list. Everything within this folder is likely to be open by default, so turn off location-based iads and the time zone setting.

One post, which was met by mixed responses from other forum users, suggested tips on How to Reduce iOS 5 Battery Drain issue could be found by deactivating everything found within iCloud settings and performing a hard re-boot.

With the iOS 5 Battery Drain issue fairly clearly tied to the iOS 5’s feature-heavy persona, the iOS 5 battery drain issue may, to some extent, just be something that has to be accepted as the outcome of better functionality and convenience. But keeping an eye on what’s running, and what can be shut off, will go a long way in slowing the batter drain that appears to be plaguing new iOS 5 users.

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