Does Your iPad Crash While Using Mail? Get the Tips Here

Do you have to send a really important email but every time you do, your Mail app crashes? Do you need to delete certain messages that you don’t need anymore just to free up some space, but no matter what you do, they don’t get deleted? Well, no matter what reason it is, the mere fact that you’re reading this post right now, means that there has to be some kind of problem on your Mail app, and you’re definitely looking for solutions. You’re on the right page because this common ipad problems and their respective solutions in regards with your Mail app is going to be listed down here. Let’s go!

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First Mail App Problem and First Solution

One of the most known issue that sends the Mail app bonkers is corrupted messages. If there are corrupted messages in your inbox that your Mail app cannot read, it pushes your app to close and your ipad crash, Now how do you solve this problem, if whenever you attempt to open your Mail app, it crashes. Simple. You access your Mail over your desktop. Delete the messages in question.

These are probably the messages more than 6MB in size, and the “mail delivery failure” messages. After deleting all the messages that you think is the cause of the crashing of your Mail app, then go back to your iPad or iDevice, delete your email account, reestablish it, and finally test it out if there’s an improvement.

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Second Mail App Problem and Second Solution

The next problem comes along when deleting certain messages via your gadget. Every single time you try to delete a certain message, your Mail app crashes. It would take some time and a number of trials before you finally get to delete the message.

If this is your problem, then here are a few solutions to try. This happens when the message that you are trying to delete is not yet fully downloaded. Hence, you need to wait for the messages to get fully downloaded before you delete them.

How do you this? Restart the app, and see if the messages are downloading. If the messages are still partially downloaded, and your app doesn’t seem to do anything about it, then try restarting your gadget. With the iPad, there are two types of resets, the soft and the hard.

Let’s try the soft reset first. This is done by holding down your Sleep/Wake button until the slider to power off appears. Do what the slider says. Turn on your device again and see if the Mail app is already working properly. If the messages are still not downloading, then it’s time to perform a hard reset. This is done by still holding down the Sleep/Wake button, but this time, together with Home button, until the logo of Apple appears. When your device had perform its reboot, check your app. It should be functioning well already.

Third Mail App Problem and Third Solution

You’re pretty sure that the messages you are deleting are fully downloaded, but still your app keeps crashing every time you delete them. Another issue is that the messages are successfully deleted but the next time that you open the app the messages are still there. This is some sort of bug going on the Mail app, and the solution to this is just don’t delete messages using the trash can button. Do this by swiping and tapping the delete button instead. You could also try deleting messages by the bulk, just not through the trash can.

Final Solution

Sometimes, the Mail app just have certain issues, and these issues are really unresolvable. When it comes to that, all we could do now is just wait for the developers to figure the issue out. If not, then maybe the real solution is just to find a replacement for the built-in Mail app?

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