How To Fix Installous API Error On Your iPhone – Tips

How To Fix Installous API Error On Your iPhone-Tips

Jailbreaking your iPhone is really interesting and worth-trying, but there are those who got problems after the jailbreak. They were no longer able to get and download apps from installous via a 3G connection. They got an “API error permission denied” error. The interesting part is that they can perfectly perform the task over a WiFi connection. There’s really no reason to freak out. I find easy steps on how to fix the installous API error on your iPhone.

Installous API unavailable error means one thing: the Installous app on your iPhone losses its ability to connect with the Apptrackr servers. This is where you can download IPA files from your computer. I am just giving you information of what you’re up against, and I won’t keep you waiting. Here are the steps on how to fix the installous API error on your iPhone.

Steps to Fix Fix Installous API Error on iPhone

Step 1. Access the URL through Safari in your iPone. This needs a bit of patience since you can’t really access the URL in one try. The site goes down most of the time, and you will need to wait when will it be fixed. Patience is a virtue and you really need to believe on the saying so you can fix your iOS phone. Wait for the Apptrackr server to work again, and you’re good to go.

Step 2. If you encounter the “Installous API Permisssion Denied”, don’t be too sissy. The error is just trying to let you know that has blocked your IP address, but that is temporary. For some, the ban is permanent due to over-usage of apps from Intallous. Excessive download of these apps in just one device can make your access permanently disabled.

However, you can fix this problem by restarting your modem. You may also activate or deactivate your Flight Mode if you’re using 3G, to refresh your dynamic IP. You have another option to use a different server through a proxy. This can be achieved by following these steps: go to Settings>WiFi>WiFi Network. Tap on your Manual button to select your HTTP proxy.

If you’re fund of Installous you may download its 4.4 version for easier way of fixing the installous API error on your iPhone.

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