Apple Introduces Support Communities

Over the weekend, Apple has taken the opportunity to completely overhaul the discussion forums that are available on their website and replaced them by something new and much better, they claim. Apple has introduced what they are calling the Support Communities in place of the discussion forums and these allow users of Apple products to experience a range of new features as well as find out more about the Apple products that they use.

Apple has said that Apple Support Communities brings together thousands of users of the Apple iPhone, iPad and Macintosh devices from all around the world so that they can discuss their products. As well as this, there are tutorials on using some of the Apple software and hardware on the support communities that has been provided by Apple themselves.

You can enter the new Support Communities using the Communities tab on the Apple website and this will take you to an entirely new looking area of the site. With a community of users on the support community, this means that Apple users are able to open discussions with other users and answer or post questions, similar to Yahoo Answers.

As well as this, it will be possible to b notified by email whenever a discussion you are subscribed to is answered on the site. In a sense, it is like Apple’s very own technological social network for users of their products and it is thought it will really help people.

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