Apple Gets Record Label Support for Cloud Music Service

Apple has been rumoured to be launching their own cloud music service for a while now and according to the rumours from Reuters and All Things Digital today, Apple have managed to secure support from some of the biggest record labels out there. All Things Digital and Reuters are usually extremely dependable sources so there is a high chance that the rumours are in fact true.

Apple are hoping to launch their own cloud based music service ahead of the Amazon cloud service that was launched last month. However, whereas Amazon decided to launch tier service without the backing of any record labels, Apple are hoping to be one step ahead by launching with the support of the big players. The Amazon service simply allowed users to store their songs online and acted as an online music locker, but it is thought that with the support of music labels, Apple will be able to offer much more than this as well as higher quality streaming of music.

Apple are already thought to have got four of the main players in the music industry on board including Universal, EMI and Sony. It is said that one of the well known Apple employees; Eddy Cue is actually in New York today finalising the agreements between Apple and the record companies. Apple are hoping to launch the service before Google launch their cloud music service.

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