Apple Engineers Solve iPhone 4S’s Battery Issue

Or more specifically, are still trying to solve the battery issue. What is this issue you may ask? If you haven’t bought the iPhone 4S yet, then you might want to read this article before you do. We’re assuring you that it’s nothing serious though, and the best Apple engineers are already working on it.

So the issue? It’s regarding the battery life of the latest iPhone 4S. The phone is just recently launched, and upon its launch, hundreds and maybe thousands, bought this anticipated iPhone on the first day. Hence, it didn’t take too long for the world to discover that there’s something wrong with it. Compared to the other iPhones, this iPhone’s life is significantly shorter compared to others. Its battery gets drained easily. It’s not just your typical drain even, it’s so significant that it’s too obvious for the users not to notice it.

The newest iPhone has a lot of new features. One of the best is Siri, the most intelligent AI to date. Siri is like your personal assistant and she takes care of everything that you want to do with your iPhone – even send messages! Other features are hyped up as well with the iPhone 4S, so you would think that naturally because it has more functions then maybe these functions are the ones that eat up the battery life of the newest iPhone? It doesn’t follow, and if you are an old Apple user you know that for a fact, Apple devices are the strongest when it comes to battery life.

iPhone 4S

Apart from that, various users tried different things to do their own experiments on the iPhone 4S as well. These experiments include deactivating Siri, turning off all apps, and turning of all settings and features that could possibly affect the battery life of the iPhone 4S but to no avail,its battery’s life is still the same.

There is one known cure though, but take note that this is not proven yet, deleting and reinstalling contacts is reported by some users to have done something to improve the battery life of the iPhone, because corrupted contacts could do some damage to it. This option worked for some, but it didn’t for the majority of users. Maybe the ones with corrupted contacts has even shorter battery compared to some so they noticed a significant change on the problem, but compared to the previous iPhones? Not sure.

Apple Engineers Bent on Solving Battery Issue

There’s no need to get worried though, because as already mentioned, the Apple team is already working on it. They are even going as far as contacting the users who have posted their problems online, to ask their help on the issue. They contact these users from various forums, social networking sites, and blogs. It doesn’t matter who the user is, as long as the user is using the latest iPhone 4S and he or she is complaining about its battery life. Apple engineers message them, and ask them different questions regarding the performance of their device and their usage. All of the data they are going to gather from these “interviews” are going to benefit their task to solve this problem.

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