Windows 7 Phone Vs. Apple iPhone 4

There have been a lot of predictions about the release of the Windows Phone just a few weeks ago and how it will shape up in comparison with some of the other contenders out there. One of the main things that has been discussed in the tech community is how it will shape up in comparison with the Apple iPhone 4 device which is thought to be one of the most revolutionary phones out there.

There are a lot of differences between the phones but one of the things that both of the phones do well is allowing the users to use them easily. Both of the phones have a very intuitive and beautiful looking user interface and both of the phones are actually similar in this respect. One of the things about the Windows Phone is that is does not support HTML based websites in its web browser. It also does not support Adobe Flash in the web browser. These are both big problems for the phone. It also doesn’t allow users to do a device wide search and it doesn’t support cut, copy and paste.

The iPhone 4 device however supports all of the things mentioned above apart from Flash and many people have been led to believe that this will make the phone much more popular than the Windows 7 Phone. The iPhone also is much better in terms of apps as there are more than 300,000 apps in the iTunes app store.

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