How To Install background and theme using ipodwizard

ipod Wizard themes are sets of fonts, pictures and/or string changes which can personalize the iPod’s interface. It can be based on particular color, or a particular style or band. The changes a theme can add to your iPod devices are usually denoted in its name. This ipodwizard program are quick and easy to install. They are widely available on the net.

Most iPod wizard themes will need modified software. There are multiple websites where you can find the respective software for your iPod as well as this wizard to your liking.

This kind of software are only applicable for supported iPods. The types of iPods which are not supported are iPod Touch, iPod Classic and iPod Nano after the first one. Having in mind that these iPod variations are not supported, you should not try to modify them. They simply can’t be modified with iPod wizard themes since iPod Wizard software is not applicable with these models.

Program for Installing background and theme could be found in websites and forums related to iPod upgrades. When looking for a theme, you should first check the themes available for your iPod model. Each theme has its own name. The theme title has a prefix like for example 5G/5.5 G Evolution. The title notifies users for the model of the iPod and the software this theme is made for.

ipodwizad can be found in theme databases on the net. Nevertheless, it is not difficult to create your own theme. This way, you will have your unique version of iPod interface. You can even upload your theme on the net and share it with other users. For creating your own customize background for the ipod you can use a picture editing program like GIMP, Adobe Photoshop or Microsoft Paint.

If you want to find custom-made themes, instead of searching directly from Google, you may better search the iPod communities on the net. If you search related newsgroups and forums you may find great resources to modify your device with a unique ipodwizard bacground.

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