Firefox for iPhone

Mozilla has promised to come out with a new firefox browser for touch screen based phones. This is great news for all of us iPhone users, who are weary of using the semi-functional web browsers like mobile safari.

Mozilla Firefox proposes to include the following salient features in this new touch screen browser –

1. The browser will work through finger taps and will also support stylus operated touch screen gadgets.
2. The browser will provide for customized and intuitive tapping options for frequently used and rarely used options.
2. The design is being kept closely similar to the computer web browser design.
3. Tabbed browsing is one of the most convenient features of fire fox allowing users to access multiple web pages on a single screen, thus making switching between websites easier.
4. Easy access to other features like book marking, viewing history page, web page scrolling through tap and drag options, zooming in and out options and several other interesting features are being worked out in the final plan is proposed to make net browsing on iPhone a pleasure experience.
5. Fire fox will also support various mobile versions of flash applications and Java script processors on the iPhone.
6. The iPhone version of Firefox will provide for another good option hiding toolbars when not required to increase the screen area for navigating websites. This would address the major concern of users who find it difficult to navigate through web due to small screen of the iPhones.
7. Provision for software based keyboard entry systems in the Firefox browser will allow for easy data entry into the address bar of the iPhone
8. The browser to possibly allow the user to specify browser preferences on fire fox server so that it can be accessed from any other device as well.
9. Large screen option on iPhone Firefox would mean that eBook readers will find it more convenient to use compared to the systems of mobile safari being commonly used in iPhones now. This would be coupled with options for more storage capacity for downloaded eBooks.
10. Firefox version of iPhone would also bring some cheer to online gamers as the browser is being optimized to support higher resolution games. Again a large screen will ensure a better gaming experience.
11. Similarily it would also enable convenient PDF file reading because of several loaded easy to use features.
12. This browser will also support multiple RSS feeds allowing you to better track issues like stock market rates, News on specific areas of interest, Weather report and other available RSS feed.

Despite all these features a lot of us might still feel lurking for other features customized to suit our need. The desire list is endless and Mozilla is also equally interested to hear about them from us as it is committed to redefine browsing experience on iPhones. With this intention, Mozilla has provided a mockup sample of Firefox for iPhone 3G on it’s website. You can assess the mockup sample, comment and suggest on the desired changes and utilities to be incorporated in the final release.

And if luck would have it Apple Inc and Mozilla could strike a deal to provide this for free to iPhone users.

Now that would be a deal!

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