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Top 10 Productivity Apps for the iPad

It’s great to be able to read e-books on the iPad and watch videos but, what about when you really need to get something done? Whether it’s notes for a meeting, or drawing up those diagrams for your presentation in the afternoon, there are tons of productivity apps for the iPad that will help you do all of it and more. Here are ten of our most favorite!

Pages. The Pages app for the iPad costs $9.99, and it will let you do a multitude of things from your iPad including drawing diagrams, charts, while also giving you the word processing tools that you need.

Office Pro 2. If you don’t need everything that Pages offers, and you want big names like Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel, then the Office Pro 2 app is for you. You will only get these two programs, but it’s also cheaper at $7.99.

Print Central. You’ll need to print something at some point or another, and now you can do it anywhere, anytime from your iPad with the Print Central app. The app costs $9.99.


HR at Your Fingertips. The name says it all. If you own a small business, or are the Human Resources manager for a company, you’ll want this app that will walk you through the different terms, the different processes, the regulations, and anything else HR-related that you need to know.


Toodledo. There’s perhaps no better (or cheaper) task management app for the iPad than Toodledo. Use it just as is, or sign up at www.toodledo.com and upload your to-do list online. This app is only $2.99.

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PaperDesk. This app will let you take notes. But not just that, it will let you take notes any way you want – type them, handwrite them, even say them! It’s up to you, and it’s only $1.99.

Desktop Connect. Desktop Connect is an app that sits on your iPad but will let you look at your PC or your Mac just as though you were sitting right in front of it. Two devices to access for the price of $11.99.

Keynote. Have a big presentation you’re getting ready for? Get the Keynote app for the iPad, it’s only $9.99 and will let you do just about anything you need for your presentation!

Bento. Need a great app for databases? That’s exactly what Bento is, and it will let you create as many as you need, plus do lots of cool stuff within them, for only $4.99!

Goodreader. There are two great things about this productivity app. The first is that it lets you keep all of your PDFs, charts, Word documents, videos and more all in one place and organizes them nicely and neatly for you so you can have them all at a glance. What’s the second greatest thing about this app? It’s only $0.99, making it by far one of the cheapest and best productivity apps for the iPad!

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