Air Horn for the iPod Touch

If you watch the Ellen show regularly, you may have seen when she talked about the Air Horn app for the iPod Touch and iPhone on her show. As always, Ellen talked about the app with her usual wit, saying that it was a completely useless app. Unless of course, you become stranded at sea and need an air horn to capture the attention of rescue parties. She also pointed out however, that should that be the case, you may also have a phone in your hand. But the app isn’t completely without merit. It is a fun, silly little app and it could come in handy should you attend a lot of sporting events. And it is free after all, so you’ve got nothing to lose.

The app really does work as simply as it sounds. Open up the app, tap on the air horn that appears on the screen, and the air horn will sound. If you want to make the air horn really, really loud, give your Touch a shake and it will belt out its siren. Some reviews in iTunes have said that the users weren’t happy with the volume, and that it was far too quiet to be effective, and some have said that the app has locked up their phone. Others though, find that they have all kinds of fun with the app, from taking it to big games, to just fooling around with it in their backyard, or waking everyone up – just for kicks.

If you often attend sporting events – or foresee yourself being stranded out in the middle of sea – then you may want to download this app. It’s free from iTunes, and you can get it here.

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