Turn Your iPod Touch into an iPhone

Turn Your iPod Touch into an iPhone

There’s not a lot of differences between the iPod Touch and the iPhone. They both look virtually the same, and they both can play games and connect to the Internet. But there is one small difference, isn’t there? From one, you can talk to all your friends and from the other well, you can’t. Until now anyway! Follow the steps below and turn your iPod Touch into an iPhone – but without those nasty charges from AT&T. To turn ipod touch into iphone, you’ll need: a jailbroken iPod Touch; a Touchmod mic; and the freeware SIP-VOIP application. Touchmod mics cost about $50 so you may want to wait until you’ve completed the steps and made sure that they work before you rush out and buy one.

Steps to Turn iPod Touch Into Iphone and Get your first iPod Touch Phone

turn your ipod touch into an iphone

The first thing you will need to get ipod touch phone is install the Touchmod into the Installer because it will not be found there by default. Because of this you will need to start the Installer and then go to the tab that says Sources. Then tap Edit, then Add. When it’s time for you to type in the name of the app, type (without the quotes), “http://touchmods.net/rep.xml” Tap OK and the app should now appear in the Installer defaults.

Then you just have to install the iPod touch app, which is pretty simple. First head over to the tab that says Install and find where it says Touchmods SIP-VOIP Hit the entry, and hit Install. A dialogue box will come up telling you that the app you want to install is coming from an “untrusted source.” Hit OK and continue with the installation.

You won’t be able to use Skype with this app, but you can use another service such as FreeCall. Fill out all of the information that’s needed and make sure to buy some minutes if you’ll need to do that to make calls. After this, you can set up the SIP-VOIP app with the service that you are using.

Start by opening the app that you installed. Look to the bottom right-hand corner and you’ll see Settings. Enter your username (which is usually the cell phone number that you used when you signed up with the phone service) and your password. Look down to where you see SIP Server and type in (without quotes) “sip.voiparound.com” Finish filling out any other information that may be asked of you and then hit Save. If the box remains on the screen, just hit Return on the iPod Touch keyboard and it should go away.

Congratulations! You’re ready to start yacking!You have turn ipod touch into iphone and now you have ipod touch phone! First you’ll need to connect the app with the SIP server. This is pretty self-explanatory as there’s a button that says Connect to SIP server in the lower left-hand corner and a telephone keypad will appear on the screen. Now, all you have to do is decide who you want to call first!

Well, you could try this method to get ipod touch phone, we accept all suggestion and tips related to this topic, might be you have a better method to turn your ipod touch into an iphone. Just leave your comment below this article.

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