Four Free iPod Touch Entertainment Apps That You Should Have

Futurama Head in a Jar

This is a ipod touch game, although very childish and silly, that people of all ages can enjoy. From the house of MTV Networks, this ipod touch game is all about creating funny heads. It has been rated 4.5 out of 5 stars by players who confess that the ipod touch game is a real addiction. The ipod touch game provides a lot of options for different features of the face. Choose your eyes, lips, nose, hair and species and create grotesque and funny faces. You can even choose your color. If you are a fun lover and action, adventure and thriller ipod touch games are not your cup of tea, then Futurama Head in a Jar is a free gaming cum entertainment ipod touch app that you will definitely love.

LOL Pics.

If laughter is the best medicine, then LOL Pics is the best pharmaceutical company ever. This free ipod touch app (for a limited period) is an archive of thousands of funny pictures of people, animals and almost everything around you. If you wish for a hearty laugh and relaxation at the end of a long and tiring day, then this is one ipod touch app that you should have on your iPod Touch. Rated five out of five stars, this ipod touch app contains numerous categories that you can choose to view. Choose your favorite category and have a laughing riot. These are a must-have ipod touch app in every iPod user’s device. These pictures can bring a smile on even the most stone-hearted person.

Voice Changer Plus

Voice Changer Plus is another hilarious ipod touch entertainment apps that will tickle your funny bone no end. Use this ipod touch app to change your voice and have fun with different voice modulations. The variations available are underwater, whisper and rat. You can alter the tone of your voice, volume, speed and intensity. Create magic with your recorded voice with this ipod touch app. It is free and so, the fun does not cost you any money. The only problem with this ipod touch app is that the recorded voices cannot effectively be saved and sent to friends. This loophole has earned the ipod touch app a 3.5 rating out of four. But barring that one problem, the ipod touch app is great fun. A new version of the ipod touch app has been release with better voice and sound quality and a great file sharing ability.


If you are a movie buff, then this ipod touch entertainment app is for you. This ipod touch app contains more than 1400 movies in its library besides a number of HBO hit programs and sports too. Enjoy unlimited entertainment with this ipod touch app for free. While the ipod touch app works well on the iPod Touch, the biggest problem with the ipod touch app is that it cannot be connected to the television. But if you do not consider the drawback and focus only on iPod viewing, then this ipod touch app is a great entertainment companion. Watch movies, comedy shows, sports and a lot more. Choose from the ipod touch app library and watch all your favorite movies. This ipod touch app is being regularly upgraded with new movies and bigger banners.

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