Is the Shuffle Mode on iPod Touch Truly Random?

So often, it’s nice to just play out your iPod Touch in shuffle mode, giving you the chance to branch out from what is often a regular on your playlist, and listen to something you love but that you also haven’t heard in awhile. But, when it comes to the iPod Touch and the shuffle mode, many people often wonder if the iPod Touch chooses the songs in a truly random order. Well yes, it does. There is no unique technology inside of the iPod Touch that considers the songs you’ve listened to lately, or which artists appear most commonly in your iTunes library.

This is great news for when you truly want the songs you hear to be completely random, but can be a problem if you don’t get a chance to listen to that song you’ve been waiting for. So, what many people end up doing, is simply skipping through a song as soon as the first few notes have begun to play, and it’s not that song they want. But the problem is, that the iPod hasn’t considered a song to be played until it has finished its very last second. So if you skip through just a few seconds in, there’s a good chance you’ll end up doing that again in a few minutes.

The best way to skip a song on the iPod Touch in shuffle mode is to tap on the album art to view the timeline bar. Drag the bar almost to the very end of the song, and have it play out the last few seconds. It takes a bit longer to skip a song, but once you’ve skipped it this way, you won’t have to do it again, which could save you tons of time if you have thousands of songs in your playlist!

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