How to Redeem a Gift Card on your iPod Touch

Thanks to Park, who recently left a comment asking if it’s possible to redeem a Gift Card on the iPod Touch. I’m assuming that Park is referring to redeeming gift cards, which is usually done through iTunes. But what if you’re away from your home computer and desperately need to download a television show, video, or the newest song? It’s easy. Take out your iPod Touch or your iPhone and get whatever it is quickly and easily.

Firstly of course, make sure that you’re connected to your WiFi network. Then open iTunes, which comes as a default app on every iPod Touch and iPhone. Hit the Downloads button and then hit where it says Redeem on the left hand side. You will then of course, be asked to enter the gift card’s code, and once that’s done you’ll see your balance reflect the amount of the gift card.

Of course, you can also redeem a gift card through iTunes on your iPod’s home computer. First, open iTunes. On the right hand side, you’ll see Redeem. Click on that and you’ll be asked to enter your iTunes gift card and perhaps your username and password. Once that’s completed, your new balance in iTunes will reflect the new balance with the gift card.

Of course the only difference between redeeming a gift card through iTunes on the home computer or using it through your iPod Touch or iPhone is that if you download anything through the Home computer, you’ll have to then transfer it onto your iPod. Well of course, that and the fact that you can also redeem your iTunes gift card anywhere you are and download anything, even when you’re on the go!

Thanks again Park, for the redeem iTunes Gift card question! We hope this cleared it up for you, and everyone else who had this same question!

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