Pac-Man Lite for the iPod Touch

If you want to play the classic game of Pac-Man on your iPod Touch, but don’t want to shell out the hefty $7.99 price (sheesh! Who could blame you?) then there’s the Pac-Man Lite app for the iPod Touch. The best thing about this app is not only that it lets you play the great game of Pac-Man and includes most of the wonderful things like the ghosts and the pellets, but it’s also offered completely free. So you get all the fun, and will still have plenty of room on your iTunes card.

The game really is just like the one you used to know and love. Of course, instead of standing up playing the arcade game, you’ll be playing in the palm of your hand and truthfully, that can get a bit tricky. Those rows and aisles that Pac-Man has to zoom through in order to chomp those pellets and avoid those ghosts are pretty narrow, and if your finger slips or you don’t have it angled just right, you could run into trouble. We often found that Pac-Man wouldn’t move because the sensor didn’t pick up our movement and a ghost would run right into us.

Other than that, you are bound to have all the great fun that you once did playing the classic game to end all classic games. Another downer? The Lite version only gives you one level, but that will be enough to get the hang of directing Pac-Man with your fingertip, and will get you ready to download the full version, when you’re feeling a little bit rich. Download the Pac-Man Lite app for the iPod Touch, for free, here.

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