Apple Patent Makes iPod Touch into iPhone

As you will already know, there is only one major difference between the iPod Touch device that Apple have released and the iPhone. The main difference is that the iPhone can actually make phone calls and access 3G data networks whereas the iPod Touch has been left unable to do all of these things, unless you have Skype of course. Now, this is all set to change as there is news that Apple have filed a patent for a device that will allow the iPod Touch to access the cell phone and data networks; just like the iPhone does.

Apple have reportedly filed a patent for something called and ‘accessory transceiver’. This is basically a device that Apple has made that will be attached to the iPod Touch and will essentially turn the iPod Touch device into a device that can make phone calls, send text messages and even access the data networks just like the iPhone does. Many people believe this will make the differences between the two devices even smaller and will make the two devices pretty much the same.

The iPhone 4 and the iPod Touch are already extremely similar and the iPod Touch can do everything the iPhone 4 does apart from make phone calls. The new version even has the Retina display and can be used for Facetime. It will be interesting to see if this patient gets passed and what effect it has on the iPhone and iPod Touch sales.

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