Need to Repair or Replace the Back of your iPod Touch or iPhone?

One of the most common problems with the iPod Touch and the iPhone is that the screen sometimes get cracked. But there’s another problem that sometimes occurs with the casing on these devices, and that’s when the back becomes cracked or damaged. Luckily, Apple has a lot more leniency for repairing the back of the casing rather than the glass screen. But maybe your warranty has run out or Apple won’t repair it for other reasons. One of those reasons may be if you’re trying to replace the backing for a customized backing.

Customized backings are one of the wonderful ways that you can truly make  your iPod Touch or your iPhone completely your own. These are available from various retailers but many times, these retailers won’t replace them themselves because they don’t want to be responsible for breaking your machine. Apple also won’t replace these casings because they often come with the Apple logo missing, throwing away much of their advertising efforts.

If any of these situations apply to your own and you need to replace the backing on your device, it can be done. Be warned though. Just as we told you that repairing or replacing your screen was tricky, so is replacing the backing. You’ll still need all the same tools that we told  you about when replacing your screen, such as an iPod opener device, and a very small Phillips screwdriver. These parts are very delicate and one false slip or a moment of too much pressure applied, and your iPod Touch or iPhone could be completely destroyed.

You can find detailed instructions on replacing the backing of your iPod Touch or iPhone here. The instructions are very clear, and even come with helpful hints such as taking pictures as  you go so you can remember exactly where everything goes when you’re putting it all back together again. Be sure to read through all the instructions carefully before you give it a go and let us know how it goes. Also, make sure you set aside a good amount of time when attempting to do this. As the how-to states, it usually takes about 3 hours.

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