Silly Pianist; Free iPod Touch App Review

Silly Pianist is an application that is available for both the iPhone and the iPod Touch free of charge from the iTunes app store. There are a lot of great musical apps out there for these Apple devices and Silly Pianist is one of them. Although it might not offer the seriousness and great musical ability that many apps offer in the musical section of the app store, it does offer one other thing and that is a fun side of music. Silly Pianist allows you to create a whole host of different sounds from your iPod Touch and will give you countless hours of fun.

Silly Pianist is basically a keyboard application on the iPhone and iPod Touch where you can assign a number of different sounds to the keys of the keyboard. For example, some of the sounds include cat noises and many other silly sounds. In fact, there is probably well over a hundred sounds on the device which will give you a lot of playing time. The sounds are easily changeable from within the app.

The app does have a few problems however such as the way that you are unable to play higher or lower notes. The app is stuck to just one octave on the keyboard. As well as this, there is an annoying pop up that launches when you use the app which asks you to register. This launches every time if you don’t register.

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