The Best IPhone 4 Deals And Mobile Internet

The best iPhone 4 deals will have a host of bonus features included.  One of these features will be a mobile broadband allowance.  This is important to look at as all new phones, including the iPhone 4, are able to connect to the internet.  When you are looking at the best iPhone 4 deals you need to take the broadband data allowance into account in relation to what you do on the internet.  It may also be best to know more about mobile web uses.

The data allowance in the best iPhone 4 deals

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The best iPhone 4 deals generally have a data allowance which allows you to get onto the internet at no extra charge.  The amount of data you get will depend on the deal and the provider you are going through.  The amount of data you get can vary from nothing to unlimited.

Unlimited amounts should be looked at with some caution.  Many providers state that they are giving you unlimited data but that is not entirely true.  The data allowance may be so high that the provider does not think you would be able to use it in a month.  Another issue that may have been found with unlimited allowances is that they are subject to traffic management.

The browsing speed of a mobile phone

Browsing speed is the speed at which you are able to connect to the internet.  When dealing with broadband this is known as the connection speed also known as the download speed.  The iPhone will be able to connection to both the 3G and 4G network.  The speed of your connection will depend on which network you are connected to.  3G connections offer a speed of up to 7.2mb per second.

The speed of your connection will also vary depending on the signal strength.  The stronger your signal strength the faster your mobile internet will be.  Of course there are a number of factors that can affect the signal strength.

  • The distance of the mobile network tower is one of these factors.  The further you are from a tower the weaker the signal.
  • The network coverage of the mobile provider.  If your provider has limited overage in your area the speed and strength of your mobile internet will be lower.  You should check coverage maps before you sign up with a provider to ensure you are within their coverage zone.
  • The time of day.  There are certain times of day known as peak times.  These peak times are when the highest number of people is connecting to the 3G network.  As there are many people on the network it will become congested and the speeds for everyone will slow down.

The phone you get with the best iPhone 4 deals will not only be able to connect to the 3G network but to wireless home broadband connections and Wi-Fi hotspots as well.  Connecting to the internet through these other connections will increase the stability and speed of your internet browsing.

Mobile web pages

As the iPhone has a smaller screen than a computer or tablet the way you view web pages changes.  It compensate for the fact that many people use their phones to surf the web website owners have created mobile web pages.  These pages are optimised for viewing on the phone.  The page is smaller and all the data is compressed so it fits on the phones screen.  The page elements are also simpler which allows it to load faster even with the slower connection speed.

Choosing the best data allowance for you

As you know the best iPhone 4 deals will come with a range of mobile internet data allowances.  You have to figure which amount is the best for you based on your mobile internet habits.  You have to think about what apps you will use that connect to the internet and how often you are going to be browsing the web.  There are a few questions you can ask yourself to help with this.

  • Are you addicted to social media?  Social media is something that many people are quite addicted to.  This could be Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or the many other social networking websites out there.  If you are addicted you should think about how often you log on to these sites and what you will be doing.  If you are going to look at images or watch videos then you will need a higher allowance.
  • Are you going to be using video calls?  Apple has its own video calling app called FaceTime.  This app allows you to video call other Apple users whether they are on an iPhone or iPad.  However, this is a data heavy activity which will use a lot of data.  If you are going to be using these apps a lot then you should go for a higher data allowance.

Are you going to tether your phone?

Tethering is an activity which is available on a number of phones with the iPhone 4 being one of them.  Tether is the act of connecting you mobile handset to your computer in place of a mobile broadband dongle.  Tethering can be done not only for a computer but any other device which accesses the internet.

If you are going to be tethering you phone to your computer you need to be aware of any charges this may incur.  Many carriers will take the data used off your monthly data allowance.  However, there are other providers who charge you extra if you tether your phone.  You should check the terms and conditions of your deal before you tether your phone.  If you do not you may face a very high bill at the end of the month.

Should you use your mobile for internet?

Using your mobile to connect to the internet is easy and a very flexible option.  Of course you need to be careful when you do this.  You have to be aware of the data allowance you have and ensure you do not go over it.  If you do you may face very big bills at the end of the month.

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