My Ipad Battery Drained – How to Save my Ipad Battery Life?

My Ipad Battery Drained – How to Save my Ipad Battery Life? – Here is very common question asked by ipad users: “my ipad battery life is very short, How to save my iPad Battery Life?”. That problem is come to me too, I like my new iPad and that is not therefore a great thing. I spend lots of time on my iPad and the problem there’s the battery life.

Yet after some trial – error I have discovered the correct way to save ipad battery life with only one or two easy iPad tips. One reason I never jumped on the iPhone bandwagon was the battery life ( and the dropped calls ). As cool as the iPhone always looked, I had little interest in purchasing a telephone that would die in only one or two hours. I had those fears about the Apple iPad. While iPad battery life is decent, in contrast to the iPhone the tablet permits users to extend battery life with only one or two tweaks. The general batter life of an iPad is predicted to last for nearly 10 hours. I say anticipated because mine has not made it quite to 10 hours. In all truth, 10 hours is some considerable time but why settle at 10 if you can get more? Here are one or two easy steps to follow to get some more from this superb piece of technology.

Turn off your iPad Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi can eat your battery and if you’re watching a production or playing a game, you most likely have no need for it. Switch it off and keep it off unless you want it. Regardless of whether you are not connected, your iPad is still looking for a hot spot and sucking away your battery time.

Switch off the Bluetooth
. Likelihood is you won’t often be using Bluetooth. If you do not need it switch it off because keeping it on will help suck out a lot of battery life. My advice is to keep it permanently off in your settings. Turn off your location services. Unless you do need them on and you’re hoping to be discovered by your buddies, kill the setting. Keep the lightness as low as practical. I do this on my Android telephone also. You’d be shocked as to how much more battery time you’ll get with less lightness. More crucial, the full lightness might not be healthy for your eyes if you’re an ardent iPad user.

Turn off media you are not using. Another tips to save ipad battery life is by turning off any media you’re not using. If I’m watching a film or playing iPad programs, I have a tendency to leave them on if I am getting a call or a diversion. Just make absolutely sure to turn them off when you are not using them. It is actually that simple. Remember, your iPad will come defaulted to settings that won’t be relevant to your use. Go thru the remainder of the settings and ensure everything that’s turned on is obligatory for optimum use. Otherwise follow this check list and get far more out of your iPad battery than Apple intended.

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