7 Common Reasons Why Does My iPad Say Not Charging

Why Does My iPad Say Not Charging

AppleRepo, Hi Guys, thanks for dropping by here, before we have discussed here about why does my ipad keep crashing, today we will discuss another common problems on ipad, Why Does My iPad Say Not Charging?

Apple’s iPad is one of the tablet computers that have revolutionized the industry. The first one was released by Apple Inc. on April 3, 2010. Over 200 million iPads have been sold (2014). Like all other gadgets sometimes you can run into some issues, such as why does my ipad say not charging. Here are some of the main causes:

 7 Common Reasons Why Does My iPad Say Not Charging

Why Does My iPad Say Not Charging

  1. Not using 10-watt power adapter

This is the amount of power required to operate your iPad. Check the wattage of your power adapter to determine if it’s the reason why does my ipad say not charging. If it is, then you’ll need to upgrade to a higher adapter.

  1. USB 2.0 cord is damaged

You can either repair the USB cord or replace it altogether. It’s another common reason for your iPad not charging properly. The cost of replacing the cord is fairly low, so fortunately this isn’t a pricey repair that you’d need in order to get your iPad charging again.

  1. iPad plugged into multi-port USB hub

The reason is a little complicated. It’s related to the way electrical current is required to flow through USB ports. It’s also related to the way that Apple has programmed its devices. In certain situations it may seem that performing actions such as charging in two different ways, is technologically similar. However, the scenarios are not the same, due to the way that Apple has designed its products.

  1. Dock connector is dusty/docking pin is broken

These are fairly minor issues that you can fix, so your iPad will start charging again. However, be very meticulous when solving the problems, as you’ll be dealing with very sensitive electronics.

  1. Wall socket is not functioning

This is a common reason why does my ipad say not charging, but not necessarily easy to detect. You could use the socket to plug in a different electrical device. That will determine if the problem is indeed related to the socket, or to the iPad itself.

  1. iPad was recently used with a camera adapter

If this happens, the solution is easy. Just disconnect the iPad from the camera adapter. Then reconnect the iPad to the charger. This should then allow you to charge your gadget. This is one of the most difficult types of troubleshooting to do when your iPad cannot charge. The reason is that the link between the camera adapter and the iPad’s charging might seem unrelated.

  1. iPad is plugged into a PC

Interesting, it’s not necessarily that the iPad is plugged into the PC, which causes the problem. Instead, the issue is that the USB port can’t supply enough power to the iPad. The simple solution is to remove the iPad from the Pc, and then charge it at another sources, such as via a wall outlet or dock.

When you need to charge your iPad, one of the biggest problems can be why does my ipad say not charging. The above tips can help you to solve the iPad Say Not Charging problem and allow you to charge your iPad again.

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