Free iPhone Games: Crazy Bikers

If you like bikes then this is the game for you and the great news is that it is completely free from the app store until the weekend this week. The Crazy Bikers game is currently in the top 25 most downloaded games in the app store and it is an excellent game if you are looking for crazy fun on your iPhone device.

The game is very easy to control as you are basically playing as a crazy biker. The game has four different controls all of which are located on different corners of the screen. The buttons will be visible only in the beginning of the race that you are undertaking the gamer, after which they will fade away and you will have to remember them for yourself. This is a nice little touch as no-one needs the extra clutter on the screen when they are playing the games. However, it might have been nice for the game to incorporate some of the iPhones features such as the accelerometer into the game to make it even better.

The game has been extremely well thought out and you can play as a variety of characters and you can also take part in a huge amount of races that will keep you entertained for hours. The graphics of the game are also pretty good and are comparable with games on and possibly a little better.

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