Free iPhone Games; Airport Mania First Flight Lite

Airport Mania is one of those games for the iPhone and iPod Touch that has been in the app store for quite a while and is still known   as one of the most addictive and fun games out there. The idea behind the game is that you will run your own airport and you will be responsible for making sure that the customers on board the planes are happy. However, this is not a serious game and the game is actually created in a cartoon style to make it more fun.

The lite version of this game will feature two levels in which you can complete before having to  upgrade to the full version. The game will involve you running an airport and you will have to land the planes as well as refill them with fuel and off load passengers. The game is controlled entirely using the touch interface and it works well as you can quickly decide where you want the planes to go. The graphics of the game are actually not iPhone 4 Retina display optimised but if you get the second version of the game, then they will be.

The full version of the game has a number of great levels and you can upgrade you airport even further than in the lite version of the game. The full version is just $0.99 whereas the lite version is completely free.

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