Sunday Lawn for the iPod Touch

It may be too cold in many parts of the world to think about having to mow the lawn, so why not remember what it’s like to be under that bright sun, getting back to nature with the Sunday Lawn app for the iPod Touch. This is a simple little game where you simply have to mow some lawns, acting of course as Charlie with his wild lawn mower. What’s the catch? Well, there are a few dog messes, angry hedgehogs, and of course, oddly shaped lawns that cause you to run into bushes.

Boredom is certainly nothing to fear when you download this app. Not only are there 40 different lawns – each of different sizes, shapes, and of course, level of difficulty; but you can also earn stars so that you can improve your rank in the game. And of course, the higher a rank you have, the more awesome you are, especially when it comes to cutting lawns. You can also play this game in three different modes: Challenge Mode, Arcade Mode, or Bonus Game. And the bonus game is super fun too! In it, Charlie is having sweet dreams and you have to keep batting sheep over the fence! Forget about counting them – this is way more fun!

Sunday Lawn is a Donut Game and right now, this is one of the three games that they’re offering free, and one of the ones that you would normally have to pay for. So hurry up and get it while the offer is still on by downloading it from iTunes here.

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