Free iPod Touch Apps for Gamers; Tiny Wings

There are a range of games which have been released for the iOS devices in the recent year or so that have really took off and had tremendous success. One example of this is Angry birds which is just about the most successful mobile game of all time. However, there is now another app on the scene that is also extremely simple and is quickly getting recognition and this goes by the name of Tiny Wings.

The idea behind the tiny wings game is that you control a bird and get through the levels as fast as possible. You control this by simply putting your finger on the screen which will weigh down the bird and will allow it is gain speed when it lands on hills. The game is designed extremely well and because of the simple gameplay, almost anyone can play it. The game has a similar look to it as the Angry Birds game as it is very clean looking and nicely designed.

The thing about the game is that it is extremely addictive and once you start playing, you really will never want to stop playing, at least not until you have beaten your previous score. The app is available from the iTunes app store and costs just over £1. We know it isn’t free, but it is well worth the money for the amount of gameplay you will get.

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