Falldown 3D for iPod Touch

This game may not have a ton of complex instructions, or have a whole bunch of levels that you have to collect coins in order to advance to, but it sure is a ton of fun! Falldown 3D for the iPod Touch works very simply. There are a series of shelves with holes in them and the ball. By tilting and turning your iPod Touch, you have to keep the ball at the bottom of the screen for as long as possible. Essentially, you’re trying to make sure the top of the screen doesn’t ‘swallow’ your ball, which will end the game. That will happen because the background is constantly scrolling. But it won’t if you constantly try to keep your ball going through the open holes, to the bottom of the screen.

Simple? Yes. Boring? Not at all! We tried it on the Easy level to begin and that was challenging enough when you’re just starting off. But as you become more familiar with the game, you can choose from Medium, Hard, and Expert too. And no collecting coins or tokens to get there. Just choose the level you’re comfortable with and go ahead and start playing. But you’ll get more features than just those too. You’ll also be able to try for some of the bonuses in the game, such as the ghost ball that lets you easily glide right through shelves; multi balls, which act as multi-lives since if one ball gets swallowed, you’ll have more left; and a slow bonus, which will slow down the scrolling of the background.

There aren’t a ton of sound effects or really, really great graphics although the ones that come with the game are just fine. And the game really is a lot of fun! Start making your ball drop, by downloading the app from iTunes here.

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