How to Get free Internet WiFi on Your iPhone, iPod Touch, and Laptop

The internet is one of most fascinating discoveries of all time. It serves as a number one killer of boredom. Do you know what I mean? We usually rely on the internet to play games, listen to different kinds music, and of course to watch our favorite movies. Well, the internet is not only beneficial in terms of entertainment because it also gives us vast knowledge on different kinds of things.

You may experience the enjoyment of the using the internet, however, connecting to it can be a bothersome sometimes because not all the times it can be accessed for free. There are also many ways on how you can get connected to the internet.

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Wi-Fi is a type of method which will allow you to get connected to the internet. If your device does not have the capability to access Wi-Fi networks, I am afraid you can’t get connected to the internet using this process.

If you have an iPhone, iPod touch, or a laptop, you can get connected to the internet using Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi networks may be secured or not. Secured Wi-Fi networks will ask you for security codes or pass codes. On the other hand, unsecured Wi-Fi networks will not prompt you any codes and you can get connected to it directly.

You can access Wi-Fi for free if you are in shopping malls, cafes, restaurants, and hotels. However, you should also take into consideration that not all of the above mentioned establishments offer or have free Wi-Fi service. It might be sound frustrating but we don’t have any choice.

Another way on how to get free internet wifi on your iPhone, iPod touch and laptop is to go to public libraries. In first world countries, public libraries provide free Wi-Fi access.

Making your own Wi-Fi hotspot is another way of getting free internet. You can use your own smart phones and even your iPod touch. For iPod touch users, they may use MyWi.

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To install MyWi, you need to be sure that you have Cydia. First of all, launch Cydia and add the URL mywi free internet wifi at the Sources. Once added, find MyWi (Cracked) on the list. Download and install the software afterwards. Once the installation is finished, launch it. Create your own Wi-Fi hotspot and then enable. Check your newly created networks on the Wi-Fi networks list and your all set! You may also do the same thing to your iPhone and iPad. You need to make it sure that your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch have undergone the jailbreaking process to uplift Apple Inc.’s limitations.

 For laptop, they may use Wi-Free. Wi-Free is an application that will be installed on your laptop. It can be downloaded for free. You can download it at You need to find a Wi-Fi hotspot first before you can use it. You may use a USB dongle to serve as a Wi-Fi hotspot and then you will get connected to the internet even if your USB dongle does not have a load. Wi-Free will give you a 24-hour access to any websites after your registration.

If you like Wi-Free, you may also try We-Fi. The two are basically similar.

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