How to Make iPhone Ringtones the Easy Way?

There are a lot of different methods of getting ringtones form downloading off the iTunes site to various websites giving you the same but the best is to learn how to make your own iphone ringtones. If you are interested in learning the method then read on, the process is pretty simple, things that you require for learning how to make iphone ringtones are: an iphone, a computer/laptop with windows or Mac as operating system and some audio conversion software’s or iTunes.
Here’s a step by step on how to make iphone ringtones:
1. First step on how to make iphone ringtones is to select the song you would like to sue as your ringtone and edit it to get the specific portion you may want to use as your ringtone. You can use any software like audacity or gold wave (the best in my opinion) for it.
2. You can also use iTunes for the same purpose select the song and then Get info>options you can change the volume as well as choose the beginning and ending.
3. Secondly make a folder where you can keep the ringtones so as to make the whole process better organized.
4. If you are not using iTunes then you would need to change the format of the song to .WAV or .AIFF.
5. If using iTunes the simply select the cong and right click it to convert it to .AAC, when done with this locate the ringtone on your hard drive and copy it to the ringtones folder you created earlier.
6. Delete the song from you iTunes playlist for you might get confused as to which is the one you converted
7. Find the song and then right click>Get info>change the extension of the song to m4r.
8. You are just one step away from finishing the tutorial to make your own iPhone ringtones in the last step, Just connect your iphone to the computer and sync. Now wasn’t that the easiest way to learn How to make iPhone ringtones.

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