Why Does My iPhone Keeps Asking for Apple Id Password

Why does my iphone keep asking for my apple id passwordAppleRepo.Com, If your phone keeps asking for an Apple ID password, then you should be annoyed. Is there a way to fix the popup message permanently? You can learn some best solutions to get rid of the problem if you’re in a loop of continuously asking for the password of iCloud. This article can help you find a solution when you need to get Apple ID unlocked or fix the iPhone that keeps asking for a password permanently.

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What’s wrong with the Apple ID password? The issue is that the pop-up window keeps asking for your Apple ID password. This may be the case when you are trying to reset your Apple ID password or when you are trying to update an iOS device. If you are having this issue, then there is a chance that the account is locked. This means that the account is locked because it has been inactive for too long and you have exceeded the time limit of using the account.

Why iPhone Keeps Asking for Apple ID Password

If you have entered the wrong password for the Apple ID, the phone will keep asking for it. There is another check for both Apple ID and password. If you don’t know the password for the Apple ID, you can either wipe it out or use an alternative method.

The most efficient way to fix the iphone is to wipe the password out. You should know that all the data will be erased. But if you want to recover your files or contacts then you can use any data recovery tool. iPhone Data Recovery is a powerful software to restore lost data from iPhone and iPad.

Enter the Apple ID and you’ll be able to access all of the data on iTunes. The iPhone will then ask you to enter the password for the iTunes account.

If you have forgotten your password, tap the Forgot Password option on the next screen. Enter the email address associated with the iTunes account, and tap Next. The iPhone will then send you an email message with a link to reset your password. You can then follow the instructions in that email to set up a new password.

why iphone keeps asking for apple id password

How to Fix iPhone Keeps Asking for Apple Id Password

Sign Out Apple ID and iCloud

  • You can enter the iCloud account by going to the settings app on your iPhone. The sign out option is available when you scroll down the menu.
  • You have to turn off the Find My iPhone option before that happens. Click on the Turn Off option if you want to enter the Apple ID password.
  • You can enter the correct Apple ID and password when you tap on the Sign in option on the same interface.
  • Once you have entered the correct Apple ID and password, it will not show the popup message, and you can fix it permanently.

Restart Your iPhone

  • You can press and hold the Side/Top and volume buttons at the same time if you want to power off.
  • You can turn off the iPhone with the help of the slide. Hold the Side/Top button until the Apple logo appears on the phone.
  • It’s a good method to fix the iPhone when it keeps asking for a password. You have to use alternatives if it does not work.

Update Apps on iPhone

If you have not updated the apps on your phone, you can check the updates on your phone from App Store. The Update All icon can be used to update all apps or the individual apps.

The update process may take some time, depending on the size of the apps. If you want to update only one app, you can use the search box on top left corner to search for the app. Then you can choose the Update button to update the app.

Disable iMessage and FaceTime

You are linked to your App Store ID with both iMessage and FaceTime. If you’ve updated all of the apps on the iPhone, you can disabling them to fix the password issue. Pick the option from the drop-down list when you go to the settings app.
The switch needs to be moved to turn off the video chat feature. If you follow the same process, you will be able to remove the iMessage option. If you wait a few seconds, you can switch back and forth between the two applications. You might be asked to use the correct password for Apple ID.

Enter the DFU Mode

It’s important to have a backup for your phone. It should be a way to get rid of the possibility of a software problem. The Volume Up button, Volume Down button, and Side button can be used. Keep holding the Volume Down button for another 10 seconds when you take your finger off the Side button.

Black is the color of the screen. The iPhone has been detected in recovery mode by iTunes. It is possible to restore this iPhone before it can be used. If the phone keeps asking for a password, then you can restart the phone.

In summary, iPhone users should check their software settings, and make sure there isn’t a setting that would cause the iPhone Keeps Asking for Apple Id Password. This is the sort of behavior that can be fixed with a simple reset. Once the phone is reset, it should work as expected.


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