iCloud Backup Failed : Work Your Way Out of the Slump

iCloud Backup Failed

If you are one of those lucky people who have lined up for the iOS 5, chances are you have also experienced a little sophomore jinx in the form of an “iCloud Backup Failed” message. Well, you can’t always expect things to turn out alright. Apple users also have to get their own share of problems as much as they benefit from the use of their smart devices. However, this is not so much of a problem which will prevent you from enjoying your iPhone or iPad at its best, nor it is a constant trouble to be endured. In fact, in some tricky yet easy ways, you can troubleshoot the cause of your iCloud misery.

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iCloud is that special feature which lets you store files from your Apple gadgets into one single “hard drive-like’ storage system. For some reasons yet to be confirmed, iCloud experiences some sort of delay or failure. Soon afterwards, it will display a message that says “iCloud Backup Failed”. The message is clear: you’re stuck and the last thing you would want to do is to call the Apple hotline.
But don’t fret just yet. Put on your best “let’s get it on!” attitude and stop whining. Try trouble shooting.

• Plug the iPhone/iPad to the computer while running iCloud – Use a cable to sync your gadget to the Macbook. Launch the interface and select “Backup to iCloud”, making sure that PC connection is established. Then unplug the device from the Macbook and you should have your iCloud on active.

• Use your @me.com address when signing in to iCloud – However you’ll have to use the Apple ID password to go with your own email address. If you’ve successfully made it to the iCloud, you’re in.

Free up space on iCloud – Much of the problem was told to be caused by the huge amount of content being stored. Try freeing up some space in your 5 gig worth of free storage.

• Access iCloud during off-peak hours – Users as excited as you are often access iCloud in droves. To avoid getting “iCloud Backup Failed” message, try accessing it when there’s less traffic.

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