How to Protect Apple Id?

Tips to protect Apple Id by – It’s still an incredible number using simple number combinations, surname or personal number to log on to your apple id services. This is something we strongly advise against, as these are easy to hack and, unfortunately, also used the same password on multiple sites.

That in iTunes using a too simple password can have major consequences, then you usually have your credit / debit card linked to your account. Any unauthorized person can quickly buy iphone apps with your card, but that may be your account information can easily buy gadgets at the Apple Store.

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iTunes Store and Mac App Store uses the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) for all functions that require you to enter personal information. This protects your personal information and payment information as it is transmitted over the Internet. The following methods can help you even more minimize the security risks to your Apple ID (which you use to log in to the iTunes Store and the Mac App Store).

Best practices to Protect Your Apple Id

protect apple id

To protect apple id and minimize the security risk, You should always log out after you have made the purchase in the iTunes Store and Mac App Store.
Avoid using the same password for multiple online accounts.
Avoid using passwords that you have used before.
The password for an Apple ID should be something that only you have the knowledge and you should not share it with anyone, not even family members.
Choose a secret question and secret answer that only you know the answer to, and that no one else can easily guess.
By frequently change your password, you can reduce the risk that someone else will be able to use your Apple ID and make purchases without your knowledge. You can change your password and manage your Apple ID on

If you suspect that someone knows your username and password, you should change the password. Moreover, it is possible that someone who has access to your e-mail may have access to your Apple ID. Make sure that the password to your email is different from your Apple ID.

Here are the password requirements if you intend to change your password for the Apple ID:

The new password must have at least eight characters.
The new password must contain at least one number.
The new password must contain at least one lower case (small letters).
The new password must contain at least one uppercase (capital).
The new password must not contain three identical symbols in a row.
The new password must not be used during the past year.
The new password may not be the same as the account name.

Apple recommends that you follow these rules for all services that require secure password.

On PTS can get tips on how to create a strong password. By writing a sentence and pick out the letters and numbers from it, so you can easily create a password that is both secure and easy to remember.

If it is difficult to choose a strong password, you can always take the help of a password generator. These are plentiful on the web and you will find many good fast by googling.

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