Survey Shows iPad Usage is Similar to PC usage

There are a lot of differences between the iPad and the traditional PC but it has now been found that the usage of the devices is quite similar. One of the big differences between the devices is that the Apple iPad is portable and it also has a touch screen whilst the personal computer is none of these. The survey that was carried out has found that the way people use both a personal computer and an iPad is more similar than you would have thought.

The survey was carried out by the Knowledge Networks and it found that most of the people which use the Apple iPad actually prefer the free content that is on offer to them. This free content is usually subsidised by adverts on the iPad but still, it has been found that most users prefer this. The survey found that only around 1 in 7 of the people that were surveyed would actually pay for a magazine or TV show on the device. Even the people that were willing to pay said that they’d only pay an average of around $2.60 for anything on the iPad device.

Out of the people that were surveyed, the survey also found that most people use the iPad for searching and reading email and web browsing. This is similar to the use of a personal computer and the amount of people that watch video content on the iPad was actually quite low.

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